We manufacture buttons since 1960.

We are a medium-sized company, present in both the domestic market and internationally, employing 30 workers.

We stand out for proper maintenance of our facilities, modern machinery, solid financial position and an effective organization.

According to current standards we assure all  the security conditions, Health and Safety at Work in every aspect of our company.

No less important is our daily practice of selection and treatment of waste by applying the most recent legislations and adopting new environmental technologies in order to reduce our the impact on the environment.

We ensure quality control and delivery deadlines.

We produce practically all types of buttons in the most diverse materials (Polyester, Acrylic, Nylon, Corozo, Natural Horn, Wood, Leather, Metal and others) including custom orders according to the preferences and specifications of our customers.

Our customer list includes some of the most respected brands and worldwide clothing companies.

Crafting a Button

Laser Engraving

Manufacturing Area

Manufacturing Area

Laser Section

Laser Section